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Styling Hair Beyond Limits

Giving your hair a next-level look is what my team does

best at Studio A Hair Salon in Columbia, Maryland.

The Experts in Hair Care

Studio A the Salon is a multicultural hair salon located in the heart of Columbia, Maryland. My team is composed of professional hairstylists who specialize in taking care of different types of hair—from natural to straight, coiled, textured, thick or thin hair types.

As huge enthusiasts of diversity, I, and the rest of the team have been dedicated to our standard of providing outstanding hair care and styling services to people of all ethnicities since 2012.

Come and visit us today to experience the touch of the experts.

Shanita Jones - Owner


Studio A’s Mission

To provide top notch styling services to all clients with various hair types, regardless of their ethnicity and to do so with 

individuality, professionalism, and care to details.

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