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Achieve an A-List Look Today!

Here at Studio A the Salon, we give your hair a

"next-level look." We believe that "style never goes

out of style." This is why we go above and beyond to 

consult and listen to your hair care request and needs.

We strive to achieve an A-List look so that you leave

our salon as a satisfied and returning customer.

Achieve an A-List Look

Each of my professional hairstylist specializes in doing different types of hair from all ethnicities. Our hair salon warmly welcomes ALL clients and we embrace diversity. In embracing diversity, we are able to achieve an A-List look because we put forth great effort in the following:

Staying educated in the growing cosmetology field
Keeping up with growing trends and applying them creatively 
Giving each client a their own unique experience 
 Valuing interpersonal skills and top notch customer service
Active listening during your personalized consultation 
Time management 
Excellent grooming habits 

Studio A’s Services

  • Prescriptive Hair Care
  • Precision Cuts
  • Custom Hair Color
  • Thermal Silk Press
  • Hair Extensions
  • Braiding
  • Natural Hair Care
  • Twist
  • Dreadlocks
  • And More!

Contact me today to request a FREE consultation or to schedule an appointment.  It would mean a lot to my team if we could meet you initially, take a personal look at your hair, then work together to create and meet your hair care needs.  This will ensure better services unique to you and a clear rate assessment.


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